Free Shipping on Orders Over $99


Returns and exchanges are at the sole discretion of If the wrong item shipped we will exchange or refund the purchase. If the product is underweight send us the make and model of the scale being used. If the product is believed under concentration notify us immediately and we will send a return label for the remaining product, as well as send it out for third party analysis. We must be notified within 7 days of the delivery date if you have any problems or issues with the products.

If a refund is deemed necessary then we will manually refund your transaction or the appropriate amount for the returned items. Chargebacks will not be taken lightly and will subject the client to being put on the no sell list. Refunds will only be issued after the items have been returned to us. Please always contact us first because most issues can be resolved very easily.

All items are shipped securely and in a manner that ensures safe arrival. If for any reason this is not the case then please email us with evidence (e.g. a photo of the damage on arrival) and we will work with you. Each case is handled individually.

If a product is missing from your order then please contact us and once we verify the legitimacy of the claim then we will send the missing item to you. All orders are documented and photographed prior to shipping to avoid fraudulent claims.

If tracking claims to have delivered your product but you have not received it please allow for at least 1 week

If tracking claims your package was delivered but you have not received it, it is possible a neighbor or front desk receptionist has it. Our suggestion would be to first call your courier’s local office and speak to the post master. They have GPS coordinates on each tracking update and can confirm where it was delivered. If the post master claims the package was delivered correctly, we would suggestion waiting at least 1 week for the package to turn up. Usually a neighbor has it.

If the package still hasn’t arrived, contact us and we will handle each case on an individual basis.

If your order has not yet been shipped and you wish to cancel your order then please email us at and we will do our utmost to accommodate you. We cannot promise we can intercept it if has already been processed.